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Seed Saver Program

The Raymon Grace Foundation sponsors a seed saver program through the Washington County Library in Virginia.

This allows people interested in gardening and preserving heirloom seeds to receive the seeds, plant and harvest them and then return the surplus to the seed bank at the Library. Click here to join this project.

Over 40 years ago it was said, ‘The time will come that if we eat well, we will have to grow our own food.’ Looks like that time is here!

During those years we have grown most of our food in an organic garden and experimented with various ways of growing food.

For those of you with limited space, you might consider growing in
small containers. You will find pictures of this on this site here in the 4-H Project.

This was the project where April taught the 4-H kids in the county how
to grow vegetables even if they lived in a place with no garden space.

There is also a DVD that we filmed called Vertigrow on the DVD page.

There this is a short version of it on YouTube. The DVD goes into much greater detail.


We hear a lot about GMO seeds and you can use dowsing to test the
quality of food grown from these seeds. I chose not to eat it when I
can do better, and wanted to help other people do the same.

The Raymon Grace Foundation started a seed saver program of heirloom seeds with the local county library and we provide seeds and classes on how to plant and harvest the seeds and return them to the library to share with more people for the next year’s planting.

Now I realize if you live in an apartment in the city, the previous
information won’t help you much. So this is where your dowsing comes in handy.

Many of you folks have written to say how you have used my ‘Energize
Water’ DVD and changed the energy of your drinking water. Am glad to hear from you, so now lets go one step further and use it for your

Faye and I talked about creating another DVD for energizing food but
it is too simple to justify another DVD. Rather than sell you another
DVD for food, just use your “Energize Water’ DVD [either the old
version or the new] and energize your food because food contains

Please understand folks, it is your ‘intent of a focused mind’
that does this. My friend, the late Harold McCoy founder of Ozark
Research Institute, used that phrase a lot~~~ The Power of a Focused

Faye filmed my friend, the late Walt Woods, and I, talking about using
dowsing to change the energy of food. The full length video is on the video on this site for purchase and below is a shortened Youtube version.

Not all people have access to good quality food but that does not mean
you can’t do something about it. Bottom line is, we have the ability
to use our mind and dowsing to increase the quality of whatever food
is available.

I set out many years ago to clean up the water in the world and my
work has reached 142 countries as of 2013. I really believe we can do
the same thing with food.

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